Saturday, March 23, 2013

I love to see the temple.. I'm going.. No no no, I WENT THERE TODAY!!!

Never in a million years did I think that I would be going through the temple at 18 years old. BUT, I most certainly didn't think that I'd be taking out my endowments for a mission. Today I had the chance to go through the beautiful St. George temple, and it was such an amazing experience! I'll be honest, I was so so nervous. So my advice for anyone about to go through? There's no reason to be nervous. Just let it ride. It's beautiful and the sweet little old ladies just make it so comforting. I know the church is true.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best Friends who serve in the same area say what???

Okay... So I'm not really sure if there's a rule about 2 posts in one day... But this is just a quick one! So the cool thing about my mission, is that it covers areas in 4 different states! Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas. All of my best friends are on missions, or are about to leave. But one of my best friends is in Oklahoma, her name is Sister Rachel Maughan. And another best friend is in Missouri. His name is Elder Cameron Croft. Wanna hear something that is sooooo cool?! Sister Maughan, and Elder Croft's missions both cover parts of Kansas! Just like mine!! So.. I kinda sorta really hope that I can run into them at least once during the 18 months :)

This is Elder Croft and Sister Maughan. They ran into each other at the MTC:) Hopefully we'll all serve in the same area at the same time! I'm really crossing my fingers!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Start of Everything

Well. I'm Ashley Vogel, and I'm going to start this blog before my mish! Hopefully I can teach my mom to run it while I'm gone. And if not... there won't be many stories about Sister Vogel. But it's fine. So on February 21 2013, I received a small packet that I felt would change my life for like... ever. And of course, this was my mission call!!! Every single person who guessed where I was going, was guessing crazzzzzy places, like Greece, Germany, Sweden! No one guessed in states. But back up a little bit... When I went in for my mission interview, President Bangerter (my stake pres) told me not to be disappointed if I go state side. He told me that the spirit will give me an overwhelming feeling of peace that that is where I'm supposed to be. So I kept this in mind when I opened my call. I read " Dear Sister Vogel, you are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You have been assigned to Labor in the Nebraska Omaha mission, and will report to the Provo missionary training center on May 29th, 2013." But that is not how I read it... I was so nervous I said Ohana instead of Omaha. And I said MTC training center... Get it? Missionary training center training center? But besides the point, I was not disappointed when I got my call. AT ALL. Pres. Bangerter was right!!! This crazy creepy but peaceful overwhelming feeling came over me. That is where I was supposed to be!!! Like no where else could be as cool as Omaha!!! And the best part about my mission, is that I get to serve at Winter Quarters, which is part of the church history tours. How cool is that right?! Anyways.... This I guess is the start of a new path I'm taking in life. And honestly? There is no place I'd rather be than good ol' Omaha Nebraska.