Friday, September 6, 2013


So. I started off with getting a black eye... cool right?! We were playing soccer as a district on P-day, and an elder kicked the ball right at my face, and yeah! haha the sad thing is, my black eye wasn't even that bad. Just a little purple. I wish it was worse, then I woulda looked SO much cooler. 
So being on a mission, you run into some really interesting people. Like witches and stuff? so me and sister smith were going through former investigators, and we saw these one people we thought we'd go see. Well we're in their house talking and they are super nice. But then the wife tells us she is a wicken reverend. We laughed because we thought she was kidding. Then she said "No I'm serious. I'm a witch. I do spells, and dance naked in the moonlight." She then told us about all of the things she was brewing downstairs in the basement! Some of you probably think she was just joking around with us. But no. She wasn't. She told us about her wiji boards (totally spelled that wrong), and all these crazy things she does! The sad part is, is they have met with so many missionaries!!! But she said they never teach her, they just come hang out. So me and sister smith decided we will not be those missionaries, and that we would teach her, and convert her whole family! We called the ward mission leader that night, told him what was up. And he told us not to go back in their home and teach them.. because scary things can happen to missionaries who get themselves into those situations. But yeah, kinda cool!
Okay, highlight of my week was when we got to listen to Elder Robbins speak to our zone! It was so amazing! I brought 5 inspired questions, and had all of them answered. Some were even super personal. It's crazy how The Lord works with revelation and all that jazz. :) 
We have 2 investigators with baptismal dates right now, and one who is ready for baptism, we're just trying to pick a date. The sad thing is, is that transfers are this next week, and I'm pretty sure I'm going back strictly spanish. Ugh. So bummed. But we'll see. 
So real quick, something I learned from zone conference... did you guys know, that everytime you read the scriptures, and you "like" or highlight a verse, you're receiving revelation? Kinda cool to think about. So when a verse stands out to you while you're reading, that's God speaking to you. Kinda cool! Also, something else I learned... a lot of people say "Oh, I just have to have faith in Jesus Christ and I'm saved. I don't have to do any works or anything, just believe." I used to hear that and think "Oh buddy, I feel sorry for you.." But Elder Robbins told us that they are correct! They just have to have faith in our Savior, and they're saved. BUT, their works are what bring them to the Celestial glory, rather than a terrestrial or telestrial. I hadn't ever thought of that before. But yeah kinda cool! 
I know this Gospel is true. I'm so grateful for it. I love The Book of Mormon. Pretty much the best book ever. If you've never read it, I truly recommend it :)
Love you all.
Sister Vogel

So so so. Well, this week was absolutely fantastic!!! Minus the fact that I have chiggers... Oh. And fleas from the members' dogs we live with. Cool right? My legs have swollen red dots all over them! I'm pretty sure that I only got them, because I was like the only missionary who was a freak about not getting them. Serves me right. Anywho. 
So we had exchanges this week, and they went super good! Taught and found a lot of people. Also, we went to a trainer/trainee meeting in Omaha. That was amazing, because we always feel the spirit so strong when we are learning from our mission President! This week we have zone conference, and Elder Robbins from the 70 is coming to talk to us about using computers/facebook/blogging and all that jazz. So hopefully next week I'll have some pretty cool news.
Also, This week was really good, because I experienced something that made my whole mission worth it!!! Even if nothing else good happens, I don't care. Because what happened was amazing. Okay I'll stop building it up and I'll just tell ya'll. 
So I don't know if I told ya'll before, but we met an investigator named Stephen who is from West Africa. He was on facebook in the library, and I we were on our way out and I handed him a card with our number on it. Anyways, surprisingly he called us and wanted to learn more. We've been met with him 3 times and everytime is spiritual, and you can see the spirit converting him. So this last time we met, he told us he had a dream, which was a confirmation that this is the true church. And that he would never ever deny it. When he said that, the spirit hit me like a wall, and I still cry when I talk about it! But he has a lot of Muslim friends who would disown him if they knew he was Christian. But he said he doesn't care, and he's going to tell everyone about it. He said he would even sacrifice his body, and it wouldn't matter cause he knows the truth! He thanked us over and over again for helping him find his way, and asked us to go find more people who are lost like he was. Stephen wants to be baptized, we jsut have to set a date. He is 22, and came to America to go to school to become a surgeon, so he can provide for his siblings back in africa. His mom passed away when he was 15, and so he's had a lot of responsibility, but let me tell you something about him. He is the most humble human being I've ever met. I wouldn't be surprised if one day he serves in the 70! haha but yeah.. This experience was so amazing, and putting it into words really dims it down. 
Also, we met with Mina, another investigator we've been working with since I got here. And she knows the church is true, but is scared to be baptized cause she feels like she won't be able to endure to the end. But we gave her a church tour this week, and when we brought her into the chapel we taught her about baptism. The spirit was so strong, and she even prayed. She never prays outloud with us.She even said she wouldn't drink coffee, or smoke anymore.  So that was super cool.
Remember the investigator Lorenzo? We found on court street? He has sickle cell, and he just really wants to find something in his life to take with him.. So he's been progressing like crazy, and he's trying to turn his life around. We handed him over to the elders because it was hard to meet with him with another girl. But Lorenzo has been in the hospital, and not doing very good health wise. So the elders gave him a blessing, and me and sister smith got to go watch. And it was beautiful! From that blessing, I know lorenzo will join the church. Whether it be in this life or the next. Also, He's a rapper, and he wrote a rap about getting baptized and going to the celestial kingdom :) Pretttttty cool.

So yeah, this week was just really amazing. I love love love being a missionary, and watching other people's lives change. This gospel is amazing, and what it does to people is miraculous. I'm so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, who suffered for me, and all of you, so we don't have to bare these burdens alone. It's crazy to think that Christ had all the temptations we have, that he has thought every bad thought we have. I know that he is always there for us, and knows how he can help us, because he's been through it too.