Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best Friends who serve in the same area say what???

Okay... So I'm not really sure if there's a rule about 2 posts in one day... But this is just a quick one! So the cool thing about my mission, is that it covers areas in 4 different states! Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas. All of my best friends are on missions, or are about to leave. But one of my best friends is in Oklahoma, her name is Sister Rachel Maughan. And another best friend is in Missouri. His name is Elder Cameron Croft. Wanna hear something that is sooooo cool?! Sister Maughan, and Elder Croft's missions both cover parts of Kansas! Just like mine!! So.. I kinda sorta really hope that I can run into them at least once during the 18 months :)

This is Elder Croft and Sister Maughan. They ran into each other at the MTC:) Hopefully we'll all serve in the same area at the same time! I'm really crossing my fingers!

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