Friday, September 6, 2013


So. I started off with getting a black eye... cool right?! We were playing soccer as a district on P-day, and an elder kicked the ball right at my face, and yeah! haha the sad thing is, my black eye wasn't even that bad. Just a little purple. I wish it was worse, then I woulda looked SO much cooler. 
So being on a mission, you run into some really interesting people. Like witches and stuff? so me and sister smith were going through former investigators, and we saw these one people we thought we'd go see. Well we're in their house talking and they are super nice. But then the wife tells us she is a wicken reverend. We laughed because we thought she was kidding. Then she said "No I'm serious. I'm a witch. I do spells, and dance naked in the moonlight." She then told us about all of the things she was brewing downstairs in the basement! Some of you probably think she was just joking around with us. But no. She wasn't. She told us about her wiji boards (totally spelled that wrong), and all these crazy things she does! The sad part is, is they have met with so many missionaries!!! But she said they never teach her, they just come hang out. So me and sister smith decided we will not be those missionaries, and that we would teach her, and convert her whole family! We called the ward mission leader that night, told him what was up. And he told us not to go back in their home and teach them.. because scary things can happen to missionaries who get themselves into those situations. But yeah, kinda cool!
Okay, highlight of my week was when we got to listen to Elder Robbins speak to our zone! It was so amazing! I brought 5 inspired questions, and had all of them answered. Some were even super personal. It's crazy how The Lord works with revelation and all that jazz. :) 
We have 2 investigators with baptismal dates right now, and one who is ready for baptism, we're just trying to pick a date. The sad thing is, is that transfers are this next week, and I'm pretty sure I'm going back strictly spanish. Ugh. So bummed. But we'll see. 
So real quick, something I learned from zone conference... did you guys know, that everytime you read the scriptures, and you "like" or highlight a verse, you're receiving revelation? Kinda cool to think about. So when a verse stands out to you while you're reading, that's God speaking to you. Kinda cool! Also, something else I learned... a lot of people say "Oh, I just have to have faith in Jesus Christ and I'm saved. I don't have to do any works or anything, just believe." I used to hear that and think "Oh buddy, I feel sorry for you.." But Elder Robbins told us that they are correct! They just have to have faith in our Savior, and they're saved. BUT, their works are what bring them to the Celestial glory, rather than a terrestrial or telestrial. I hadn't ever thought of that before. But yeah kinda cool! 
I know this Gospel is true. I'm so grateful for it. I love The Book of Mormon. Pretty much the best book ever. If you've never read it, I truly recommend it :)
Love you all.
Sister Vogel

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