Monday, June 17, 2013

Hola!!!! so.... my mission president has a huge sense of humor. because guess what... I have been called to serve in Sioux City Iowa, SPANISH SPEAKING LIKE WHAT THE HECK!!!!!! Yes! I am now a Spanish speaking sister, 1 of the only 4 out of 260 ish missionaries?! So crazy!!!! And me and sister Sakurazawa are the first sisters to ever serve in this area.... wow. Its crazy how much the Lord trusts us... I don't know why he would trust me so much with this assignment, pero I know that it can be done. The Lord doesn't give us anything we cant overcome!!! SO. My week...

I met my companion. Sister Sakurazawa. She is amazing. Such a blessing. She's 4"7 from Japan. and this is her last transfer :( But she helps me so much!!! She speaks Spanish. her mom is from Costa Rica. So we are living with a member in Sioux city. (They are super wealthy and their house is a mansion) But they were out of town until yesterday. So I got my assignment to Sioux city on Thursday, and just served at the visitors center until yesterday. So yesterday was a crazy day. We drove to Sioux city which was like 2 hours. and on the way down, I had a feeling to write down my testimony en EspaƱola. So I did. Y we get to sacrament, and the branch president asked the missionaries to come and bare their testimony!!!! I was petrified because hardly any of the members speak ingles!!!! But then I remember that the Lord gave me a little heads up, and I had my testimony written down. So yeah! I shared it, and one of the members came up to me after and told me I made her cry! At least someone understood me :)

 So it really sucks because I can't communicate with the branch president at all. I seriously feel like I'm in another country!!! Right after sacrament, we stayed at church and ate cake. and the members are so obsessed with the sister missionaries, that they feed us WAY TOO MUCH. And So of course we have to say yes. Then we went to the branch presidents house for lunch. We had carne asada! I told the members that I like spicy stuff... and they laughed their heads off!!! "white sister likes spicy!!!!???" so they gave me so much spicy stuff. 

they love me;)

Also,  feel like I'm in another country because they just put their hands all over your freakin food!!! I was like uhm..... but yeah. Its okay.

Then, after that, we went and had ANOTHER meal. And we had to tell them we were hungry. got more food....

The members love the sisters so much, we seriously have like 3 meal appointments a day for the next week... oh man. 

Also, I am serving with Elder Griffith and Elder Campbell from high school! they're in my zone! that's pretty crazy. There's only one church in Sioux City, so I see them there. They serve in the other 2 wards. 

So this lady from the 1st ward, came up to me, and said she knew me from instagram!!! and that she stalked my instagram page??!! She was praying I would come to Sioux city!!! hahahahaha so weird. 

Also, me y Hermana Sakurazawa are teaching an English class. haha Wednesday and Friday. so yeah.... that's pretty much my last few days. There's too much to tell, but I got the jist of it. 

Oh!!! I saw Kennedy's friend in a hotel in Nebraska!!! super weird!!!

love you all!!!!

Hermana Vogel


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