Monday, June 17, 2013

Okay everybody!! this email is going to be short because I'm not in the laundry room... so I only have 30 stinkin minutes!!! But I head out to Nebraska this week!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAY!!!!!!! And This week was a little rough.... Super emotional. But if you know me pretty well that's nothin new ;) So Something really cool that happened, I was struggling with teaching by the spirit. and I would get really impatient in lessons, and plan everything out that I was going to say, because I hated awkward silence. Well, we are teaching an investigator named Naomi, and she has a TON of issues in her life.. poor girl. and me and my comp just couldn't get her to trust in God. her faith is really lacking. Well, the night after we taught her, I said the most sincere prayer I've said in a while!!! It was amazing! I just begged that I would have the guts to follow the spirit when I teach. So, the next day when we taught her, my and my comp killed it!!!!! like holy cow!!!! we did so good. We were feeling the spirit, and we were feeding off each other really well. Well.. I kept thinking to ask her to be baptized. But I was to scared to ask!! but the spirit was really pushing me to... so i asked her. and she said yes!!!!!! totally unexpected. but it was cool. the rough part is, is that when we met with her again.. she told us that since she started meeting with us, her life had gone all wrong. and that she had started to smoke again... my heart BROKE. and I wanted to yell at her and say "what the heck girl?!!?!?!?!? you're preparing for baptism you idiot!!! you know better!!!" but I didn't and I just loved her... and me and my comp explained to her that as she's coming closer to God, that Satan is going to do everything to stop that. Anyway... it was a way spiritual lesson. and I'm bummed we can't keep teaching her. But yeah. that's how it goes!!! so i fly out to Nebraska at 3:00 am tomorrow, and get my comp on Friday!!! so. uh. yeah. I'll email soon!!!

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