Monday, June 24, 2013


This week was perhaps the toughest week yet... for sure the first of many to come... :) But I got through it! That's all that matters! So we really struggled to find people this week. And when we did find them, we taught en espanol... Obviously something that I can't do yet. I did see a couple miracles... of being in the right place at the right time. It's really crazy how the Lord works. We started teaching this kid from vietnam.. his name is Cuong. and he commited to baptism the first day!!! BUT.. we have to hand him over to the elders.. we think he wanted to be baptized for the wrong reason? haha he's 17... and he may have a tiny crush on us. BOOOO. So that went down the drain... But we were tracting, and we ran into this huge black guy. he came out and we asked him how his day was going, he said "I'm drunk, and I'm eating a taco, what do you want" we told him about eternal families and how he can be happy with his family on this earth, and the life to come. he said "not gonna happen here. have a good day". so that was interesting... it seems like everyone we run into is drunk!!! haha But.. like I said. really tough week. and then yesterday happened... and everything was better! So we've been struggling to find as I said, and I've been having a really tough time with the language. So saturday night, I prayed with probably the most heart felt prayer I've ever said. And yesterday in relief society, we were talking about faith in Christ. Obviously, I couldn't understand the full lesson. But Siser Flory stopped in the middle, and said to me in English, "Sister Vogel, you are very brave. and we love you. and God wants you to know he loves you and you can learn the language" I started bawling!!! like how did she know?! Uhm k...  like the church is true??!! hhaaha then during the broadcast, it talked about strengthening the ward before you can bring in more converts. Me and sister sakurazawa decided thats our purpose... to strengthen this small weak hispanic branch. God isn't going to bless us with converts to come into a branch that can't support them. Anyways... tons of more miracles happened. Really cool ones. If you wanna know, write me. haha I need letters!!!! Love you all

 Hermana vogel

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