Monday, August 12, 2013

TESTIMONY BUILDER: This week was tough, but an amazing testimony builder. I have come to love this gospel so much, and truly witness miracles. I had some challenges this week, like the whole first half of the week I feel like we got nothing accomplished. And then we found out someone keyed our car, big time. all over the hood and down the drivers door. so thats cool. I weighed myself... That wasn't cool. My spanish is terrible. I hadn't received any letters from family. I was discouraged and just down right bummed. But thursday things started to pick up. we had a spanish training in omaha, and there were like a trillion elders, and 4 sisters. Its crazy to think that there are only 4 spanish sisters in the whole mission... but anywho... I couldn't really understand what was being said. But I just felt the spirit so strong. It was amazing. Then, our mission president spoke. Thank goodness he didn't know spanish. He talked to us about struggles of learning the language. He told us the power of fasting and prayer. Then. At the end of his remarks, he said this
"Elders and Sisters, I'm gonna make you a promise. And I'm probable going to get in trouble for it. But I promise you that for every Less Active you activate, God will bless you with one baptism."
That statement was so powerful. And the spirit was so strong I was almost in tears! After I went up and talked to president and thanked him. Long story short, he told me that I am an official spanish sister, staying in spanish for my mission. and that I'm training next transfer... uhmm... I was so scared when I found that out.  So the next day, friday, I fasted. I fasted that I might learn the language by the end of this transfer.. Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, I was able to teach part of lessons in spanish, bare my testimony, and say prayers in spanish. All because of fasting. 
COOL EXPERIENCE: So we met this lady named Mina Ramirez, she is 59 and lives alone. She was part of the Jehovah Witness church, but was disfellowshipped for smoking (psh.. .and they call themselves Christians...) And then her husband left her. So she's alone, and depressed. Long story short, we met with her twice this week. and she's doing awesome. Shes reading from the BoM, and keeping her comittements. Shes our first progressing investigator! yay!!
CRAZY STORY: So. I don't remember if I've talked about Rafael or not. But We've met with him 3 times now, and he's not progressing. But he is so interested in the gospel. He's the one that always is drinking when we meet with him. Last week he invited us over for sunday dinner. So we show up at his house last night, with a freakin awesome lesson plan right..? We're talking for a little bit, and then all of a sudden all these people show up with tons of alcohol. Pretty soon, it turned into a party. Literally. Us poor little missionaries at a darn party. So we were trying to say we had to leave. But Rafael started talking to us about baptism... in front of all his friends. And his girlfriends started talking about eternal families. So we taught them a tiny bit, at this party.. and had to leave because obviously the spirit wasnt there. haha but I know rafael is gonna get baptized. I look at him, and can see it. Every week he wants to know more. We should probably try teaching him sober though. 

Sorry this was such a long email! there was lots to say. I love you all! Thanks for your support. This church is true. I know that with my whole heart. And I know the BoM is true. Everytime I read from it, I learn so much. #readthebookofmormon

Love, Hermana Vogel

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