Monday, August 12, 2013

Okay. So I got a little taste of real missionary work this week. I walked. and walked. and walked. and walked. annnnnnd walked.
So last month... we did a lot of driving. Things were crazy with transfers, and we went to Omaha as well. Needless to say... we went 500 miles over our driving limit. Whoops.... (see mom, I haven't changed much). So. Of course we had to face the consequences, and the zone leaders barely gave us any miles this month. So me and sister smith decided to be real missionaries, and walk everywhere. I LOVE WALKING!!! We have walked in the rain, in the heat, and it is so much fun! So I guess I'm being humbled a little bit. We haven't found many people walking though, and I think it's because we get all sweaty and stinky, and literally... look like hobos in this humidity. I mean come on...
But yeah! It's been a great experience! There is this street called "court street" and the sister missionaries were told its not very safe to walk on that street, but if we have to, to not do it at night. Well, I hate to admit it, but we had to walk down that street. And we found a new investigator that way! His name is Lorenzo...has the thickest black person accent I've ever heard. You know the youtube video.." Aint nobody got time for dat"? That is Lorenzo. Anywho, he stopped us, and asked us if we were crazy for walking down court street. We told him our purpose and he was super interested! He said he's "looking for the truth". I love when people say that. Cause in my mind I'm thinkin..."GOTCHA".
So. Last monday we were at the church playing basketball with our district, and this lady called the church, saying she wants to meet with the missionaries. This never ever happens. So we were super stoked to go meet with her. Her name is Annie. She is a little old lady. Anyways, first lesson with her we committed her to baptism on August 31st. She accepted our message like it was water on a hot day. And she asked for a book of mormon. She gave us her coffee and cigarettes so she could keep the word of wisdom. And we've met with her 3 times the last week. Sounds like a dream come true no? It's not. She is our hardest investigator yet! Because she's too easy, and too accepting. And we never feel the spirit in the lessons, but they still seem to go well. We don't know what the problem is yet, but we'll figure it out soon. The spirit doesn't bare witness to phoniness. So yeah. It's exciting/confusing/I dont know. 
So yeah! Also, yesterday I got to go to church for 6 hours, and I absolutely loved it. Hearing all those testimonies were amazing! I love this gospel. I love my mission. I think about going home, and I never want to! haha (Sorry mom). I just know this is where I'm supposed to be. I love seeing how other people are so humble, and have literally nothing. But yet, are so willing to give up all they have for a stranger on the street. I love this gospel, and I love seeing the changes it makes in people's lives!

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