Monday, August 12, 2013

whaddup buttacup...s.

So this week I said goodbye to my trainer Sister Sakurazawa. She left on Tuesday morning, and honestly I feel like I've never felt so lost in my life. I was then put with a temporary companion who had a different understanding of obedience than I did.. and we really struggled. It was weird being with a companion who didn't have the same spiritual strength as my trainer, and I could feel it taking an effect on me! I felt so disgusting and hopeless those few days, because we were not being exactly obedient. We weren't doing anything wrong... but the difference from the week before was insane!
So Wednesday night I was praying, and the thought came to my mind "God is testing me right now, to see if I qualify to train this new sister." That's when I decided that I needed to step it up, and bring back that same excitement I had before. 
I received my wonderful new companion on Friday morning, and her name is Sister Smith. She's from Fresno Cali, and she is so adorable!!! Her excitement kills me!! It reminds me of my excitement when I first got out, and sparked it back up. With both of us together, we are like this crazy team of excitement, and I think people can feel that. I feel like she is training me, more than I am her! The first night she was out, we went and taught so many lessons just to random people, and they listened to us! 
We are now serving in both spanish and English wards... So on Sunday I go to church from 9:30-4:30....HOLLLERRRRR!!!! Talk about spiritual nourishment! 

So some cool little stories that happened this week...
I got to work on a farm. Yep...  a real farm... and do real farm work. We helped this old man pull out all the sour dock in his field. And I guess when the sisters tried to teach him before he was totally closed off. But we taught him again after the service, and he said he was so impressed with us young people helping him, that he is open and wants us to come back!
So I have this investigator Mina, I don't know if I've talked about her before. But she knows the church is true. You can see it. She reads from BOM daily, and prays about it. She met with missionaries before but didn't accept the message. She told us that she surprised herself by even meeting with us! But yesterday we asked her to be baptized for like the 578575 time.. and again she said no. So we asked her to pray about it, and she said no. We then asked her why she won't... and she said "because I know the answer is going to be yes! and that scares me!!" This didn't make any sense to me... But whatevs. 
We also had our first bible bash! Some J-Dubbs invited us in, and ripped us apart and it was so much fun! We totally lost... because we decided it wasn't worth the argument. 
So I've been really thinking about what makes our church so different. A lot of other Christian churches teach the same principles... The Gospel of Jesus Christ. (faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, enduring to the end). And so I was thinking whats the difference? The difference is the Priesthood. That power was lost when Christ and all his apostles died... and it was restored through Joseph Smith! It's so logical!!! How can this church not be true?! Ah, I love it!!! I love being a missionary. I want to thank all the worthy priesthood holders that are reading this, for holding that wonderful power of God. 

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